COVID-19 Remote Learning Resources

As we practice social distancing due to COVID-19, we encourage you to continue reading, playing, drawing, singing and enjoying conversation with your child. Help your child practice independence by encouraging him/her to clean up after activities, practice good hand washing and self-care techniques, show kindness to others and share resources. These early childhood practices are daily in our classrooms and helping your child maintain their routine is a great way to build resilience during the COVID-19 quarantine. Our teachers will be reaching out directly with remote learning guides and instruction and you can refer to the resources below for additional support.

Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus – English

Learn at Home Packet early childhood (Activity Ideas in Art, Scient, Blocks, Reading, Writing, and more.)

Simple & Easy Activity Ideas

  • Breakfast Bonding
    • Over breakfast, sing the morning song, talk about what day of the week it is, sing the week day song, talk about where your breakfast came from, what goals you’d like to accomplish today, etc. Make breakfast an interactive way to open the day to new possibilities. This is a good time to also talk about the coronavirus and what learning at home means. Help your child set their daily routine!
  • Daily Journaling
    • Draw a picture about something that happened that day. Talk with your child about how it made them feel, what happened before and after, etc. Ask open-ended questions.
  • Create & Construct
    • Use toys or anything that’s safe and child-appropriate (legos, logs, blocks, pillows for a fort, popsicle sticks, etc.)
  • Fun & Fit
    • Play music and dance along with your child
    • Do yoga together. Follow a video or make up your own YOU-ga poses!
  • Dress Up Play
    • Raid the closet and the toy chest, pull out the old costumes and outdated pieces that you’ve been meaning to get rid of.  This is a great opportunity to dress up and pretend play while sneaking in a little spring cleaning. Talk about organized fun!
  • R-E-S-T!
    • Remember to give your child time to lay or put their head down to relax (or nap if they’d like!) and take a few moments to find stillness in the day. A few minutes of rest can go a long way in your child’s daily concentration and energy levels.

Our Curriculum

At Riverdale & Kingsbridge Montessori Schools we use the Montessori Method combined with the Creative Curriculum Approach by Dodge, Colker & Heroman, all in conjunction with the New York State Common Core State Standards.  For more information, please see the links below:

New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core

All About Pre-K for All

The Creative Curriculum Approach

School Readiness Goals

Our school readiness goals based on a Montessori-prescribed play based learning environment that directly align with the New York State Pre-K Foundation for the Common Core.  We use this as a framework for all preschool children and to bridge the gap between the learning expectations of children preschool and the standards of those attending grades K-12.